16 Oct 2018,
  • HSI:
    25,445.06 -356.43 (-1.38%)
    10,144.34 -154.75 (-1.50%)
    32,972.27 -472.55 (-1.41%)
    157.06 0.07 (0.04%)
  • HSCEI:
    10,144.34 -154.75 (-1.50%)
    4,077.75 -78.58 (-1.89%)
    8,894.99 -151.80 (-1.68%)
    15,174.30 -221.86 (-1.44%)
  • Hang Seng Index
  • 25,445.06

  • -356.43 (-1.38%)
HSCI 10,144.3 -154.8
HKSPLC25 32,972.3 -472.6
HKSPGEM 157.1 0.1
HSCEI 10,144.3 -154.8
HSCCI 4,077.8 -78.6
HSFML25 8,895.0 -151.8
H-FIN 15,174.3 -221.9
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TPV Technology Limited (00903.HK)

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TPV Technology Limited is the world’s largest PC monitor and fourth largest LCD TV manufacturers. The Group has been able to drive its growth over the years by leveraging its economies of scale and core competencies in R&D, manufacturing, logistic efficiency and superb quality.

The Group also distributes its products globally under its own brands AOC and Envision. In 2009 and 2011, the Group acquired exclusive licenses to sell Philips’ monitors globally and TVs in China...
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TPV is committed to ensuring and maintaining high standards of corporate governance. The Board of Directors will continue to review and improve the corporate governance practices and standards of the Company to ensure that business activities and decision making processes are regulated in a proper and prudent manner.
Audit Committee
Mr Chan Boon Teong (Chairman)
Dr Ku Chia-Tai
Mr Wong Chi Keung

The Audit Committee meets regularly to provide advice and recommendations to the Board on the Group's financial reports and internal control systems. Members of the committee are all independent non-executive directors of TPV which promotes objectivity and independency.
Remuneration Committee
Mr Chan Boon Teong (Chairman)
Dr Jason Hsuan
Ms Bi Xianghui
Dr Ku Chia-Tai
Mr Wong Chi Keung

The Remuneration Committee meets regularly to formulate and provide recommendations to the Board on the Group's human resources issues. The committee is also responsible for determining the remuneration of executive directors and members of senior management, and reviewing and making recommendations on the Group's share option scheme, bonus structure, provident fund and other compensation-related issues.
Nomination Committee
Dr Jason Hsuan (Chairman)
Ms Wu Qun
Mr Chan Boon Teong
Dr Ku Chia-Tai
Mr Wong Chi Keung

The Company has established the Nomination Committee on 21st March 2012 with specific terms of reference. The Nomination Committee is responsible for reviewing the structure, size and composition of the Board and making recommendations on any proposed changes to the Board.
Investment Committee
Dr Jason Hsuan (Chairman)
Ms Wu Qun
Dr Li Jun
Ms Bi Xianghui
Mr Chan Boon Teong

The Company has established the Investment Committee on 23rd March 2011 with specific terms of reference. The Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing the investment evaluation policies, evaluating investment proposals and making recommendations to the Board. It also reviews and reports to the Board the performance, forecast and business plan of the investments on a regular basis.
Internal Control
The Board of Directors has overall responsibility for the internal control system of the Company and for reviewing its effectiveness. The Board is committed to implement an effective and sound internal control system to safeguard the interest of shareholders and the Group's assets.

The internal audit division presents in the prior year their risk-based audit plan to the Audit Committee for approval.


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Listed Date Oct 1999

Address Units 1208-16, 12th Floor,
C-Bons International Center,
108 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Telephone 2858 5736

Facsimile 2546 8884

Email vijolee@tpvtechnology.com

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